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Enhancing how people interact with Pepper

Bring the power of conversation to your Pepper and unlock dynamic control over interpretation, response, and display with our easy to use platform. In just a few days you can adapt an existing chatbot to work on Pepper or create your own in Dialogflow. This conversational approach provides a unique interaction in 4 dimensions that delivers a memorable experience to your users.

Whether you have an existing chatbot and want to bring it into the physical world or plan to build a bespoke interaction for your business follow our Step-by-Step Guide.

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Explore the Pepper Conversational UX platform and create your first Text, Video and Dialog interactions and more with the walk-through below.

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Get support and further information

Can I deliver a conversational experience by itself?
The platform is designed to extend the functionality of our Host product, however, you can turn off most other robot features to focus attention on the chatbot.

Can I use my own speech recognition technology?
To optimize the speed of our solution Pepper is already equipped with cloud powered speech to text, and can provide your chatbot with the resulting text as an input.

What types of experiences work well with Pepper?
We have developers who are working on recommendation engines, conversational selling, and many other typical conversational use cases.

What training is available?
Full online training is included with purchase of Pepper, as well as, an optional two day in-person training based in San Francisco for a fee of $1,499. The first day is instructional and the second day is a joint workshop to help get your chatbot up and running on Pepper. 

What kind of output do I get on Pepper within the chat section of the Host app?
Using our platform you will control what Pepper says, illustrate the speech using image and video (within our UI constraints), and provide your users with suggested inputs. For more details, look at the Getting Started section of our online documentation

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