Q: Will Whiz save our company money and how can we measure it?

A: Whiz provides measurable savings from increasing cleanliness by 50% and efficiency in time-invested by 30%. We provide usage information and target metrics that empower customers to understand the effectiveness and efficiency of their fleet deployments that gives insights into ROI and adoption of the solution.

Q: Does Whiz operate autonomously?

A: Yes, once Whiz is trained with routes it runs and operates autonomously.  Whiz Connect is intended to be an interactive experience for customers to drill down specifically into usage data. 

Q: How is it different from Roomba and other household vacuum cleaners?

A: Unlike Roomba et al, which are household, consumer cleaners, Whiz is a commercial, enterprise-grade solution that combines a robot, leading-edge AI and ML for automating operations and data analysis.  Roombas use SLAM technology, which results in the robot slamming into things to learn the environment. However, Whiz uses ‘teach and repeat’ technology which smartly learns the space in order to protect people, itself, and the property. In addition it provides measurable “proof of performance” or “proof of cleaning” with Whiz Connect. 

Q: Which operations do I need to complete on a daily basis?

A: Best practices indicate the following:

1) Clean the sensors and cameras
2) Ensure the bag is not full when you open and visually inspect 
3) Dump the debris tray underneath
4) Remove the dust bunnies near the brush 
5) Weekly, remove the air filters and clean them by blasting a can of compressed air

Q: Which items am I responsible for purchasing?

A: Bags, filters, brushes and additional HLC Codes.

Q: How do I purchase bags/brushes/air filters?

A: Please go to the Parts Store at  https://us-store.softbankrobotics.com/

Q: How often do I need to change the bags?

A: Bags were  designed to be swapped on a weekly basis; You will see greater usage in the first few weeks as you improve the cleanliness of the floor.  

Q: How will Whiz get serviced?

A: Please call SBRA Customer Care - 844-737-7371; We diagnose remotely. If it’s equipment failure, we respond within SLA timeframes and we can swap out your unit.

Q: What happens if Whiz breaks?

A: Please call SBRA Customer Care - 844-737-7371; We diagnose remotely. If it’s equipment failure, we respond within SLA timeframes and we can swap out your unit.

Q: How does Whiz receive software updates?

A: We push automatic updates remotely over 3G/4G so your team does not not have to worry about it.  We do it even while Whiz units are vacuuming so Service will not be affected; These changes will take effect automatically when Whiz next starts.

Q: Can Whiz run on Wifi?

A: No. Whiz runs only on 3G/4G networks to avoid another “edge device” on customers’ secure network.

Whiz Connect

Q: What does Whiz Connect show me about Whiz routes?

A: Whiz Connect gives you an overview of all of the routes run by Whiz, including when they were run, how long they took, how many assists were required and a map outlining both the trained and autonomously run route. This provides you with a confirmation of the clean to take the guesswork out of where, when and how your carpets have been cleaned. 

Q: How easy is it for me(customer) to see my Fleet? 

A: Admin users can view the details of the fleet in the 'Robots' tab of Whiz Connect.

Q: Can I change the time periods for the data I want to see?

A: Yes, you can change the dates but not the times.


Q: What data/metrics can I get?  

A: Several metrics including: Total run-time, Time spent training, Time spent running autonomously, Area covered (square feet), Distance covered (feet), Number of assists, Type of assists, ROI information and route maps.

Q: Can the data/metrics mentioned above be exported? 

A: Yes, for customers, this can be done as a PDF file. 


Q: What reports come OOB (out of the box)?

A: We have several reports that come OOB.  An ‘overview report’ that includes usage coverage and time, assists and number of routes run. A ‘route run report’ provides information on the routes run by the robot.

Q: Can I customize reports ?  Can I Create my own?

A: Yes, you can adjust the time frame and view data by location and other user generated labels.

Q: What are example questions that the data/reporting can answer/address?

A: Here are a few examples.  For more information please read the “Internal User Guide”.

“When was cleaning performed?”

“Where was cleaning performed?”

“How effective was the cleaning on a given route?”

“What routes might need retraining?”

“How might I improve overall utilizations of Whiz?”